BeirTex® Q784: 300 wash cycles and still looks brand new

BeirTex® Q784 still looks brand new after 300 wash- and ironing cycles. It is our greatest performance textile technology to date.

This is simply revolutionary. So revolutionary, that we didn’t even believe the test result when we first got it.

We are now introducing our most powerful performance quality BeirTex® Q784 to date.

The test result can be summarized with one, large number: 300!

300 is exactly the amount of wash- and ironing cycles that our BeirTex® Q784 went through. On a standard sheeting-program in a real laundry. And the most astonishing result was that it looked BRAND NEW even after 300 cycles.

We now introduce BeirTex® Q784 to our laundry partners across Europe. It is one, single performance quality, which comes in 13 distinct designs. That way, our laundry partners just need one, single textile quality that fits the different demands of customers in terms of “look” and design. It is plug & play in that it integrates seamlessly into your current textile pool or batch.

Since we didn't believe our own eyes, we decided to make a Blind Test with our experienced colleagues from Sales to see whether they could tell the difference between BeirTex® Q784 after 10 vs 300 laundry cycles. Perhaps you can do it better than they could?

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