BeirTex Integrated Standard®

Sustainable from the cotton field to you. Fused with BeirTex® performance technology.
For optimum performance.

The concept. Sustainable. Step by step. From farm to you.

At the farm level, we support the Better Cotton Initiative

We consider The Better Cotton Initiative the most promising cotton initiative on the market. It differentiaties itself from other initiatives in that farmers are taught how to increase their cotton yield while using less pesticides and water. The learnings are so effective that, in 2017/2018, pakistani BCI-farmers used 17% less pesticides and water while seeing their yield increase by 15% and their profit increased by an impressive 40%, compared to non-BCI farmers.

© Better Cotton Initiative

Responsible, high-tech manufacturing

We collaborate with our manufacturers as if we were just one company. Our BeirTex Integrated Standard® product range is manufactured at socially and environmentally responsible facilities which are certified according to the Ecolabel, OEKO-TEX STeP, and OEKO-TEX Made in Green standards.

BeirTex® technology increases laundry performance

We refer to the BeirTex® technology as our "sport model" within our textile performance technologies. It is developed to enable you increase performance in your laundry. For instance, a recent terry towel test showed that our BeirTex®-infused towels reduces drying time by up to 34%. Such a reduction translates into 26% extra tumbler capacity. That is 26% extra towels that can generate revenue for you.

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