BeirTex® inside

We integrate the BeirTex® Technology into our bed linen, sheets, terry, and table cloth products to
achieve next generation laundry performance, durability, and greater return on investment.

BeirTex® selected core benefits from real-life laundry performance tests

full wash cycles with 170 degree ironing. Revolutionary BeirTex® bed linen still looks brand-new after 300 cycles.

reduction in total cycle time for terry towels with BeirTex® integrated. Compared to 100% cotton towels.

reduction in microplastic effluent compared to standard polyester and cotton bed linen on the market.

The Blind Test:
Do you feel or see a difference?

BeirTex® textiles can be integrated into your current pool. It's just plug & play

We performed a "everyone-versus-everyone" test in a real-life laundry where we mixed more than 9 different bed linen qualities including our BeirTex® integrated quality. After 50 wash cycles, BeirTex® was still "best-in-test" showing that it integrates seamlessly into your pool. Sounds interesting?

How is BeirTex® made and integrated into our textiles?

Interested in combining performance and sustainability?

See how we combine our BeirTex® technology with a combination of certificates to ensure social and
environmental responsibility from the cotton farm to you. We call it BeirTex® Integrated Standard.