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Certification and memberships

Certification and memberships

Textile certification

Made in Green

We chose Oeko-Tex® Made in Green because it certifies our manufacturing partners' production units in terms of strict social- and environmental criteria. It also allows us to display a transparent and traceable textile journey. At no extra cost

EU Ecolabel

We chose EU Ecolabel because of its strict environmental requirements to production and waste water discharge. To be certified, textile manufacturers must have a waste water treatment plant - a big investment and a big commitment to the environment

Green Button

We chose Green Button because it sets high requirements in order to comply with German and upcoming European Supply Chain legislation. In addition, it certifies the entire portfolio of manufacturers - not just one line of products

Recycled polyester

The future is circular. At Beirholm, we've spent years experimenting with recycled polyester to achieve the level of whiteness needed for our white performance textiles. We've achieved it. And can now offer textiles where the polyester share is with 100% recycled polyester content.


We are certified according to Fairtrade and can develop products with Fairtrade on request. Fairtrade ensures that cotton farmers receive a premium for their cotton.


We are GOTS certified and can develop textiles with organic cotton on request. GOTS ensures high social and environmental standards from raw material to finished product.

OCS 100 and Blended

We are Organic Content Standard certified and can develop textiles with organic content - certified - on request. Whether it is a blend or 100% organic.

RCS 100 and Blended

We are certified according to Recycled Claim Standard and Global Recycled Standard and can develop textiles with recycled content on request - certified.

Global Recycled Standard

We are certified according to The Global Recycled Standard. The standard - as opposed to the RCS standard - claims that a minimum of 50% of the textile fabric is from recycled materials.

Oeko-Tex® 100

We are certified according to Oeko-Tex® 100 Class I to ensure that our performance textiles are tested free from harmful substances and are safe to use.

Did you know?

When you invest in textiles with BeirTex® technology, you get future-proof textiles. Future proof textiles comply with current and upcoming legislation. Each piece of BeirTex® textile is certified - all the way from raw material to finished product - according to the strict requirements of EU Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex® Made in Green, Oeko-Tex® 100, and the Green Button. Simultaneously, with each purchase you make, you support the growing of more sustainable cotton through our Better Cotton membership.

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Company certification and memberships

ISO 9001

Beirholm is certified according to ISO 9001 for our Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Beirholm is certified according to ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management system

ISO 45001

Beirholm is certified according to ISO 45001 for our Health & Safety Management System

Oeko-Tex STeP®

Beirholm's office is certified according to Oeko-Tex STeP® to ensure good environmental and chemical management and safety at work.

Better Cotton

Beirholm is a member of Better Cotton. Better Cotton works to improve the lives of cotton farmers globally while supporting the transition to more sustainable cotton growing