Beirholm | WE program to affect social progress in supply chains

The WE Program

The WE Program


WE Program

The WE program is a vibrant, dialogue-based initiative focused on enhancing global working conditions and championing human rights in business.

WE employs a blend of facilitation skills and activism. It's a global learning community of activists, pioneers, and changemakers, working everywhere from factories to farms.

WE emphasizes inquiry over judgment, courageous conversations, the importance of every story, and meaningful co-creation.

Their unique approach helps identify levers for social progress through story analysis. WE is for those ready to go beyond auditing and engage deeply with complex challenges to affect social progress. WE us for us and for our manufacturing partners.

Real social progress

We've partnered with the WE Program to elevate workers' voices beyond traditional audits, speeding up real social progress.

Our Due Diligence system, aligning with global human rights and labor conventions, now includes WE's dialogue-based, innovative approach to identify areas of social improvement.

This collaboration marks a step beyond conventional audits and compliance, aiming for real social progress and setting a new standard in the industry.

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