Beirholm | BeirTex textiles with recycled polyester

BeirTex® textiles
with recycled polyester

BeirTex® textiles
with recycled polyester

Why recycled polyester?

1. More climate friendly

Our CO2-analysis, prepared in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, shows that recycled polyester emits 60% less CO2e emissions per kilo compared to virgin polyester.

2. White textiles now possible

Beirholm has experimented with recycled polyester for years. The challenge has been to develop a degree of whiteness acceptable in our industry, because recycled polyester, compared to virgin polyester, is greyer. Now, we have finally succeeded in developing a whiteness degree that lives up to our standards and the standards of our industry.

3. Optimal raw material for laundries

Polyester has a lot of advantages compared to other raw materials such as cotton, tencel etc. It improves the durability of the textiles and enables them to be processed faster in the laundry thereby saving energy and carbon emissions. That's why recycled polyester is one of the raw materials of the future.

From plastic bottle waste
to performance textiles