BeirTex® technology

From lab science to laundry performance


Break your laundry's limits

Textiles with BeirTex® technology outperform laundry machines and offer revolutionary durability. It's probably the best textile investment you can make

Beirholm | circular BeirTex® textiles through recycled polyester

5th generation is circular

The 5th generation of BeirTex® textiles are engineered with a recycled polyester core. A step towards a circular economy

Light-weight engineering

BeirTex® textiles' light-weight engineering boosts laundry capacity and increases output per man-hour

Disruptive durability

The 5th generation of BeirTex® textiles demonstrated 300 laundry cycles, retaining a brand-new appearance and feel

Comfy cotton feel

The unique BeirTex® spinning technique wraps cotton fibers around a polyester core for a soft, skin-friendly cotton feel


Unveiling the 5th Generation of BeirTex®

17 years ago, Beirholm pioneered the first generation BeirTex® textile technology, known for its durability, reduced dust, and cost-effective laundry processing properties.

While copists still perceive BeirTex® as merely a yarn, akin to our first-generation yarn-technology, we've significantly evolved. Today, BeirTex® represents a comprehensive textile technology, encompassing a range of processes beyond yarn spinning.

This 5th generation offers enhanced comfort, consistent whiteness, and reduced pilling and shrinkage, maintaining our commitment to quality and durability. BeirTex® now sets a new standard in industrial textiles by outperforming even the newest laundry machinery.

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