Beirholm | hotel terry towels with Pixel colour technology that lasts

Beirholm Pixel Technology®

Colours that last and inspire

Beirholm Pixel Technology®


Colour that lasts

The new Beirholm Pixel Technology® for textiles was invented to inspire your customers with a beautiful palette of colour options. And save laundries from pre-sorting. Textiles with the Pixel® colour technology can be laundered together with other colours or white without colour transfer

Colours that last

The Pixel® technology is inspired by the colour techniques used for sports clothing. It simply lasts. No more zebra-effect

Inspiring colour palette

The Pixel® technology enables a wide range of colour options to inspire your customers

No colour transfer

Terry with the Pixel® technology can be washed and dried together with other colours and whites. Without transfering colour. This enables you to save the pre-sorting process.

Pixel technology in terry


Timeless colour inspiration

Beirholm Pixel Technology®, trademarked in 2021, is the latest addition to our portfolio of innovative textile technologies. Trademarked in 2021, it is a revolutionary colour technology for terry products that provides the following 3 benefits: (1) exceptional colour fastness solves the zebra-effect and reduces customer complaints, (2) removes the need for pre-wash sorting as different colours and white can be laundered together, and (3) it is built on the BeirTex® technology so that laundries can look forward to extremely durable and efficient terry products.

Zebra-effect of standard coloured terry

Pixel® technology reduces zebra-effect

Beirholm Pixel Technology<sup>®</sup> towels in beige for spa
Beirholm Pixel Technology<sup>®</sup> towels in beige

Wow your customers!

See the Pixel® colours here