Beirholm | Boutique Concept textiles for hotels

Boutique Concept

Boutique hotels are characterised by their sense of intimacy and closeness. They are different. They’re situated in very particular locations – either in trendy areas of major cities or surrounded by magnificent countryside. They have that very special something. The deliberate and consistent style, focusing on sustainability and firmly established in the local culture, creates a unique experience. A sensation of warmth and pampering. A sensation you never want to leave.

This is precisely the feeling we have created and want to pass on with our new Boutique Concept. You can look forward to wow your customers with beautiful and inspiring colours and designs while also reaping the laundry performance benefits of the BeirTex® and Pixel® technologies.

Ahh … The feeling of boutique, luxury and sustainability …

Beirholm | performance bed linen for boutique hotels
Beirholm | Boutique Concept Mimii bed linen
Beirholm | Asti table cloth for Boutique hotels
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