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The Classic segment still strives to offer good service,
luxurious rooms and elegant spaces.

Textiles have always been the icing on the cake when creating elegant spaces,
and bed textiles are an important tool in creating a classic atmosphere.

No matter where you are in the world, it is always a pleasure to be
settling into the familiar environment of this iconic style.


A sophisticated chic retreat, the Modern segment is smart, appealing
and unfailingly cool, providing unique experiences in the right locations.

High in style, distinct and creative, the Modern segment values one-of-a-kin
architecture and interior design, allowing people to expect
just as much from their stay as they do from their destination.


The tranquillity and cultural experiences offered by the Heritage segment
evoke images of past times.

The environment is filled with history and provides an image of life,
the way it was experienced by previous generations.

Even though patina and old customs are welcome friends
of the occupants of the Heritage segment, they still expect modern,
up-to-date textile solutions.

Preserving the historical feel with modern textiles is a great way
of showing that you have thought through solutions. 


Our healthcare concepts represent a generation of lucrative products
for nursing homes and hospitals.

With the integration of our BeirTex® technology, a strong balance
of supreme durability and dimensional stability is ensured
throughout the entire life of the product.