Royal Textiles for Jumeirah Saadiyat

For us, real magic happened as the new five-star Hotel Jumeirah at Sadiyaat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi opened its doors in November 2018.

Textiles indulge guests at The Royal Family’s new hotel

Hotel Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi is true luxury, with VVIP suites and special designs

In the midst of the corona-crisis, we are longing for the magic to return and to be able to travel again. For us, real magic happened as the new five-star Hotel Jumeirah at Sadiyaat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi opened its doors in November 2018.

Hotel Jumeirah was built by H.H Sheik Suroor Bin Mohammed. The Royal Family has had a big influence on the interior design, including the choice of the textiles that will indulge the guests.

Guests will experience Beirholm’s most comfortable textiles in the 293 rooms, including eight villas with private pools, 64 suites and six panoramic suites overlooking the sea and the pristine beach.

With just five floors, the hotel is a relatively low-rise building. This was a deliberate choice intended to create a sense of relaxed luxury and ensure that the architecture and design harmonise with the beach. All the rooms have full sea views, and the design is a tasteful combination of Eastern style and Nordic design elements.

The magical Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort

Rental textiles in beach colours

Beirholm has developed a design range characterised by beach and sand colours, with patterns that match the rest of the hotel’s interior.

“The client wanted different looks for each of the hotel’s eight restaurants, and of course we were happy to help,” says Pernille Mørup from the Danish textile company’s Product Development Department.

“The client is very much aware of the role that textiles play in creating an overall impression, and especially of how they can help create the relaxed atmosphere of understated elegance that is the hotel’s signature.  In this connection it was important for the hotel to choose a design line and colour scheme that supported the desired branding.”

During the development process, Beirholm was keen to ensure that all the hotel’s wishes could be met based on a limited number of high-performance textile qualities, to ensure simple and economical laundry operations.

“Here our collaboration with Jorge Damasceno, the General Manager of Bubble Laundry, has been key, since this is one of the first hotels in the Middle East to have its textiles delivered based on a rental agreement as opposed to having its own textile stock and paying the laundry to wash it,” says Pernille. 

Focus on freshness and simplicity

The overall design line is characterised by understated simplicity and high-quality fabric. This also applies to the hotel’s bed linen, for which the Royal Family requested a nice rustic surface.

At the same time, it was decided not to use bedspreads, which are usually used in the region. Instead, the bed linen was designed to give the guests the feeling of freshness - a clean, fresh, and inviting bed to slip into.

On the towelling, the sense of simplicity is created by removing the borders and logo. Everything is kept white, crisp, clean and simple so the textiles highlight the hotel’s fine ornamentation.

Understated simplicity. Freshness. Jump into your bed at Jumeirah Saadiyat

VIP and VVIP rooms

Beirholm was asked to supply all the textiles for the new hotel, including a wide range of towels, bathrobes and other terrycloth products for the wellness, spa and pool areas. Here, too, we’ve provided the same clean style, but with a diversity and detail that will enhance the guests’ experience.

The resort has both VIP and VVIP suites (two of them with their own lifts) and private villas included, as well as restaurants, bars and other facilities:

“We’ve developed 45–50 different types of table linen and other textiles for the restaurants and bars,” explains Pernille Mørup, highlighting the close cooperation. “It’s great to work with a developer who sees the ‘magic’ of textiles and really uses them to create an overall style.”

Operational excellence in the laundry

The textiles make up a whole and have been selected in a way that also works well in the laundry’s operation. Working intelligently with a limited number of qualities ensures excellence in the laundry operation, where the hotel’s table linen can run on one program, the bed linen on another, and the towelling products on a third.

These advantages in laundry operations are crucial to ensuring that the textiles remain uniform and attractive throughout their lifetime, which is of great importance to the hotel guests’ overall experience of their stay.

Jorge Damasceno, the General Manager of Bubble Laundry:

“From the very beginning of this project, Beirholm has been a valuable partner for us due to their creative approach to textiles, deep knowledge of laundry operations, and how rental solutions are introduced successfully in our industry. We are looking forward to providing Hotel Jumeirah with the excellent textile service, they expect”.

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