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Discover what our textile technologies can achieve within your laundry context

What are BeirTex® products?

Our BeirTex® technology is a primary ingredient in some of the most efficient laundries throughout Europe. We integrate it into selected bed linen, sheets, table cloth, and terry product ranges and refer to it as the "sport model" within textile performance technologies.

We developed BeirTex® for the laundry performance geek who continously strives for greater laundry performance. It is for you who prefer the sport model over the default setting.

Our partners are performance geeks

We collaborate with selected partners to achieve operational excellence in their laundries.

Together, we set new standards for laundry performance. And celebrate our performance victories.

Recently, we cheered as our Norwegian laundry partner reached a record-breaking 60 meters per minute piece-by-piece speed setting on the ironer and as our Berlin-based partner grew his laundry capacity by 80%


Our partner Testorp grows laundry capacity by 80%

How do you execute an ambitious growth plan if you cannot expand your laundry site? Together, we found a path by looking inward at Testorp's laundry operations.

Take a look yourself, as Mr. Benjamin Testorp shares his exciting story.

We achieve next-level laundry performance by...

Understanding your laundry context

Are you washing in a pool or per customer batch? What is your current product mix? Which technologies are you leveraging? What is your performance ambition? How do you want to accelerate?

Deploying a modular quality and design concept

How do you get more out of less? It's simple really. Think of how many combinations you can you achieve with just six 2x4 LEGO bricks? 915 million. A stunning number! Our modular concepts are designed on that same principle

Leveraging textile performance technologies

A real performance geek opts for the sport package when buying a car. Its more comfy and powerful. Our BeirTex® technology is similar. It dries faster. It lives longer. It's comfy. And it even outperforms the newest laundry machinery

Excited about laundry performance?

We are excited to meet fellow laundry performance geeks, understand your context, and set new performance standards together.