From cotton farm and waste to performance textiles.
And beyond.

Benefit from our 4 core areas of sustainability

BeirTex Integrated Standard®

Sustainable from the cotton farm to you is the promise of our BeirTex Integrated Standard® product range. Here, we combine our documented laundry performance technology BeirTex® with social and environmental certification throughout the entire supply chain to achieve sustainability in the laundry and beyond.

Circular textiles

Together with our partner, Reused Remade, we collect your discarded white duvet covers and bed sheets and transform them into reusable, fashion bags that are sold to popular retailers like Edeka and Systembolaget. The bags save 1,500 L of fresh water, 50 g of chemicals, 20 cl of crude oil, and 2,6 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycled materials

Our recycled polyester fibres are created by transforming plastic bottle waste into new, recycled fibres. Through this initiative, we turn waste and pollution into new textiles. For instance, approximately 9 plastic bottles are used to create a set of a standard-sized table cloth and napkin.

GreenDeal Network

Want to bring it all together? And tell your customers about it? GreenDeal Network is your digital and transparent supply chain and is available to our partners, who want to actively communicate our common, sustainainable supply chain in an easy, transparent, and digital way.

We support and engineer textiles according to the following standards

We carry products with one or a combination of the following social and environmental standards

We let our products and manufacturing processes audit according to strict environmental, social and safety standards by renowned auditors.


Stories from our supply chain

Since 2011, we support the Citizen Foundation

The foundation of a stable, sustainable society with opportunities for all is the availability of education. So, in 2011, we decided to partner up with The Citizens Foundation to provide financial support for the establishment and maintenance of the U.I. Trust Campus School in Karachi, Pakistan. With our donation, 190 children can attend nursery to 5th grade of school. 49% of the children are girls and 51% are boys. And to encourage families to send their girls to school, all teachers working at the school are women.