Beirholm | better raw materials for performance textiles

Raw materials for
performance textiles

Raw materials for
performance textiles


The engineer's optimal choice

We continuously evaluate and select the most optimal raw materials to engineer the best performance textiles for the lanudry industry.

Cotton and polyester remain the optimal raw materials choice, providing excellent qualities on their own. Combined, they enhance each other, merging the best aspects of absorbency, comfort, and durability. 

Our Beirholm Collection of performance textiles are engineered based on Better Cotton and Recycled Polyester. This is a bold choice both raw materials are more expensive compared to their conventional and virgin alternatives. Still, we do not charge extra for these choices. We believe that sustainability should be the easiest, most mainstream choice.

Beirholm | Better Cotton for performance textiles

Better Cotton

The Better Cotton organization works to improve the livelihoods of cotton farmers. They train farmers to increase their yields and profits in a more sustainable way. It is a mainstream initiative that raises the bar globally. Today, about 25% of the world's cotton is produced under the Better Cotton standard.

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Recycled Polyester

Legislation calls for more recycled materials to promote the circular economy. Our recycled polyester is sourced from discarded plastic bottles. It is a great way to future proof your textile investment without compromising on textile performance in your laundry. Also, it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to virgin polyester.