Responsible Supply Chain

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0 grievances received

One of the criteria for being certified according to the Green Button and to comply with future Supply Chain legislation is to create a grievance mechanism for workers to voice their complaint(s) and receive remediation. In the calendar year 2022, Beirholm has received no grievances.


5 audits performed

In the calendar year 2022, Beirholm initiated 5 third-party audits at 5 strategic manufacturing partners, with a total estimated workforce of about 9.500 employees. The audits lead to 0 major findings and 168 minor findings. A minor finding is, for example, the lack of use of earplugs, a slip on the floor due to waterspill from floor cleaning, or a scratched elbow.

0 Hot-Line calls received

As a part of our Due Diligence setup, we have established a Hot-Line at our Strategic Manufacturers. The Hot-Line is dedicated to stakeholders should they experience issues related to risks at work. In the calendar year 2022, the Hot-Line received no calls.



It is now 8 years ago that Rana Plaza, a textile factory in Bangladesh, collapsed and killed 1.138 workers. A devastating story from the textile industry. The factory building did not live up to standards required by legislation. Since then no fewer than 109 incidents have occured. It is safe to say that the textile industry is in dire need of change. And that the change must go beyond creating a safe and healthy working environment to also deal with challenges such as low pay, job discrimination, and child labour.

At Beirholm, however, we have been working closely with a few carefully selected manufacturing partners for decades. With the implementation of our Code of Conduct back in the 1990's, we took the first steps on our sustainability journey. In year 2000, Beirholm was amongst the first in the industry to introduce textiles with the EU Ecolabel. Since then, we have continuously collaborated with our manufacturing partners to improve the social- and environmental standards of the manufacturing process. Today, we are proud to say that our processes live up to some of the strictest social- and environmental standards currently available.

"Beirholm is a leader in providing guidance on Due Diligence
to their textile service partners"

- Nicolet Keetelaar, Purchasing Manager at Blycolin

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