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0 grievances received

One of the criteria for being certified according to the Green Button and to comply with future Supply Chain legislation is to create a grievance mechanism for workers to voice their complaint(s) and receive remediation. Till now, Beirholm has received no grievances. 

5 new certification standards

In the calendar year 2020, Beirholm was the first non-German company to get certified with the Green Button. On top of that, 4 of our manufacturing partners got certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Made in Green.


It is now 8 years ago that Rana Plaza, a textile factory in Bangladesh, collapsed and killed 1.138 workers. A devastating story from the textile industry. The factory building did not live up to standards required by legislation. Since then no fewer than 109 incidents have occured. It is safe to say that the textile industry is in dire need of change. And that the change must go beyond creating a safe and healthy working environment to also deal with challenges such as low pay, job discrimination, and child labour.

At Beirholm, however, we have been working closely with a few carefully selected manufacturing partners for decades. With the implementation of our Code of Conduct back in the 1990's, we took the first steps on our sustainability journey. In year 2000, Beirholm was amongst the first in the industry to introduce textiles with the EU Ecolabel. Since then, we have continuously collaborated with our manufacturing partners to improve the social- and environmental standards of the manufacturing process. Today, we are proud to say that our processes live up to some of the strictest social- and environmental standards currently available.

Where we are

Currently, we work with 12 manufacturing partners. Of those, 3 are of strategic importance and account for more than 80% of our yearly purchasing budget. Overall, our risk assessment evaluates to low having found no risks for further investigation.

At 3 of our manufacturing partners, we have found the following risks to be further investigated and prioritized:

Manufacturing Partner 1:

  • BSCI report has found that the wage paid is in accordance with national or regional law. However, no calculation has been made to assess whether this lives up to an actual minimum wage. This will be further investigated
  • Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant plant not yet in place. However, a plan has been made

Manufacturing Partner 2:

  • BSCI report has found that the wage paid is in accordance with national or regional law. However, the manufacturing partner has not updated the calculation of what an actual minimum wage constitutes. This will be further investigated
  • Knowledge of workers rights and responsibilities should be raised

Manufacturing Partner 3:

  • BSCI report has found that the wage paid was too low for some workers as it was below minimum living wage. The manufacturing partner has taken corrective action by calculating a minimum living wage. Wage checks confirm that wages have been corrected upwards to match the living wage calculation
  • The manufacturing partner does not yet have long-term goals for workers' involvement and protection. This will be further investigated

"Beirholm is a leader in providing guidance on Due Diligence
to their textile service partners"

- Nicolet Keetelaar, Purchasing Manager at Blycolin

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