GreenDeal Network is born

Beirholm launches GreenDeal Network: the transparent, sustainable, and circular journey of your textiles.

Let me ask you 3 questions:

  1. Do you know where your textiles come from?
  2. Do you know how your textiles were developed and manufactured?
  3. And do you know what happens to your textiles at the end of their lifetime?

Why do I ask? Because those 3 questions are of growing importance to us – that means you and me – as well as the hotel guest and therefore in particular to our Textile Services Industry.

The GreenDeal Network is born

Let’s rewind. During spring and summer, as COVID hit Europe and the hotel- and restaurant industries faced severe restrictions, we made a commitment to keep driving the sustainable agenda.

This adventure turned into The GreenDeal Network. A network of members from the entire textile chain working for a greener tomorrow.

Our promise?

“You should know where your textiles come from. And you should be able to sleep consciously knowing that your textiles are safe, hygienically clean, and circulating in a sustainable way.”

In this first version of GreenDeal Network, we:

  • show transparency from the ginning facility to the hotel room. For someone not familiar with the textile supply chain, this would belong to the second step “Conscious farming”. A ginning facility is where cotton farmers deliver their raw cotton yield for first-stage processing before being sold to manufacturers.
  • promote high social standards throughout the entire chain
  • promote high environmental standards throughout the entire chain
  • offer to transform discarded, white bed linen and sheets into fashionable bags to add a circular economy dimension to the network

or in short; we provide an answer to those exact same 3 questions that we asked at the beginning of the article.

The transparent GreenDeal Network journey of your hotel textiles

The hotel guest can now follow the textile journey to the hotel room and beyond

With GreenDeal Network, Beirholm and its laundry partners are the first in the industry to offer transparency, sustainability, and circularity in a digital format directly to the hotel guest.

As a guest, you can now experience a laundry from the inside, visit a textile manufacturer, learn about textile innovation, and see how the GreenDeal Network – which you as a guest are now part of – contributes to a greener tomorrow. 

The full journey is available at or by scanning the QR-code with your smartphone. Go explore it yourself.

Hotel guests can now scan the QR code and follow the textile journey all the way to the hotel room and beyond

The GreenDeal Network is growing, rapidly

Our vision is to drive the sustainable agenda by promoting the GreenDeal Network within our industry. We want the hotel guest to understand and care about where the hotel linen comes from. And to do so, we will be working closely with our laundry partners to bring the GreenDeal Network into hotel rooms across Europe.

We have already taken the first steps by entering into partnerships with the renowned Textile Services Companies Blycolin and Servitex.

Both companies are close partners of Beirholm and share the vision to drive the sustainable agenda. Over several years they have played an active and integral part in our common journey towards a greener tomorrow. For instance, we recently collaborated with Servitex to create bed linen based on sustainable raw materials with a long lifetime for a hotel chain with a sustainable profile. And Blycolin joined us on our trip to visit Sapphire in Pakistan just a few years ago. Such commitment, interest, and care were perhaps the first steps leading to the GreenDeal Network. With even more to come in the future.


Beirholm’s supply chain management report, on which large parts of the GreenDeal Network is based upon, was prepared with the support of PwC Denmark



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