From plastic bottle waste to new textiles

We gather used PET bottles that fill up Pakistan's streets as pollution and waste, turn them into
new recycled polyester fibres, and integrate those same fibres into new textiles.

How do we create products of recycled polyester (rPET)?

Used plastic bottles are considered waste. In Pakistan, a large share of plastic bottles also end up as pollution on the streets. Together with our partners, we recycled used plastic bottles and turn them into new, recycled polyester fibres which we integrate into new products.

To our partners and us, integrating recycled materials into new products is an important step towards becoming fully circular. In the future, we expect to grow our share of recycled polyester in our products to accelerate our circular journey.

See the potential?

Do you see the potential in the circular economy? Do you want to contribute by integrating recycled materials into your textiles?

How many bottles are recycled to make...?

20 bottles

are recycled, to make a standard-sized set of Q784B bed linen and pillow case

9 bottles

are recycled, to make a standard-sized set of Q626A table linen and napkin

Greif uses approximately 9 PET bottles per standard sized table cloth

Together with Greif, we have developed table cloth using recycled polyester from used plastic bottles. For a standard-sized table linen, approximately 9 bottles are recycled and used.

Take a look, as Mario Neipp explains how Greif uses recycled polyester to ensure more circularity in their product portfolio.