Circular Partnerships

We cannot keep doing what we used to do. The linear way of production, consumption, and throw away is not sustainable. Therefore, Beirholm entered a partnership with the Swedish company Reused Remade. They turn our laundry customers used sheets and duvet covers into fashionable bags that are then resold to retailers in Europe.


It has become common knowledge that the linear way of production, consumption, and throw away is not sustainable. Our economy is dependant on scarce resources, so if we want to keep growing our economy - which we indeed need to fight poverty - we must turn to recycling and reuse of the resources that we currently throw away.

The EU's economic vision is stated as follows: “…a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 and where economic growth is decoupled from resource use". In standard language, it means that we need to decarbonize our economy all the while growing our economy but independent from scarce resource use.


Our laundry partners take good care of the textiles. In fact, they care so much about the textiles that they usually last several years. Sometimes decades. In the end, however, textiles do wear out. This is where Reused Remade enters the picture. The Swedish company turns the used duvet covers and sheets into fashionable shopping bags that are sold to retailers across Europe. That way, the first loop is closed and the first step towards a more circular economy has been taken.