The Green Button

The German government-run "Green Button" textile label provides reliable guidance for consumers who wish to buy sustainably produced textiles. The label requires compliance with a total of 46 stringent social and environmental criteria, from labour rights all the way to testing for chemical residues.


There’s a whole jungle of labels out there, with hundreds of different textiles certifications in the EU alone. What we like about the Green Button is that it focuses not only on ecological criteria, but also on social criteria. On top of that, the entire supplier portfolio of a company, in this case Beirholm's supplier portfolio, goes through a screening. This is a new and holistic approach that prevents companies from simply selecting a different certification to match each supplier.

And then we also have to admit that "...we are proud to be the first company outside Germany to have been certified with the Green Button. This label offers a holistic approach to sustainability and, being government-run, provides guidance and confidence. We look forward to working with the Green Button to further strengthen sustainability in our industry and to further enhance the profile of the Green Button beyond Germany's borders".

- Peter Beirholm